8 Inch Rotary Table
TD-200P 8 Inch Rotary Table
TD-200P 8 Inch Rotary Table
TD-200P 8 Inch Rotary Table
TD-200P 8 Inch Rotary Table
The 8-inch rotary table is a precision-engineered product that uses a patented design pneumatic clamping system (Taiwan PAT.: 217736), significantly amplifying clamping force, and ensuring stability during heavy-duty continuous cutting operations. And uses wear-resistant alloy dual-lead worm gear provides exceptional mechanical efficiency in power transmission, superior indexing accuracy, and easy adjustment for backlash minimization. Driven by a servo motor, this rotary table excels in efficient positioning, delivering high accuracy while maintaining low noise levels, making it adaptable to work with pieces at various angles.

This versatile rotary table serves multiple functions, capable of being integrated into a CNC machine as a 4th Axis or synchronized with a single-axis controller as an additional axis. Its usage spans both vertical and horizontal applications, accommodating diverse machining needs.
Use Method Vertical/Horizontal Use or Vertical Special-Purpose
Clamp Method Pneumatic 5kg/cm2
Faceplate Dimension Ø200mm
Spindle Through Hole Diameter Ø45mm
Faceplate Centre Hole Diameter Ø50H7mm
Centre Height 160mm
Faceplate T-Slot Width 12H7mm
Position Key 18h7mm
Servo Motor • FANUC α4i / β8i
Total Speed Reduction Ratio 1/90
Min. Increment Unit 0.001°
Indexing Accuracy 30 (Arc. Sec.)
Repeatability 4 (Arc. Sec.)
Clamp Force 16kgf-m
Max. Torque Capacity of Worm Gear 27kgf-m
Max. Workpiece of Capacity • Workpiece Vertical
(With Tailstock)
• Horizontal 150kg
Net Weight (Without motor) 60kg