Multi-Spindle Direct Drive Rotary Table
Horizontal use, Spindle up, Four Spindle
  • DD Servo Motor, No backlash.
  • High Speed, 90-degree division time less than 1 second.
  • It can be used with any controller and specialized for processing indexing manufacture.
  • Min. indexing degree: 0.001 degrees.
  • High repeatability.
  • The installation of the encoder is dependent upon its accuracy requirement.
Popular Model
Specification  4HDD-125P-HE15
Use Method Horizontal use, spindle up
Cooling NO
Clamp method Pneumatic 5 kg/cm2
Faceplate dimension No faceplate
Spindle Through Hole Diameter NO
Spindle nose diameter diameter Ø30x8L mm
Total Height 231mm
Maximum Speed (1 sec.) 300rpm
Continuous Speed 100rpm
Maximum Current(1 sec.) 8.58A
Cont.Current 2.86A
Maximum torque(1 sec.) 18.6Nm
Cont.torque 6.2Nm
Minimum Increment 0.001°
Signal format ENDAT2.2/22
Resolution 25bit
Positioning accuracy ±25 (Arc.Sec.)
Repeatability within10 Arc.Sec.
Net weight 104kg
  • Absolute positioning accuracy and repeatability depend on the selected encoder
Unit: mm
4HDD-125P Total width(A) Total thickness (B)  Total height(C) Spindle through hole(K) Spindle or plate outer diameter(H) Spindle length(L) Locking screw space, Slot width(E) 
No faceplate 798.5 240 231 NO Ø55 --- 100 , 12