FCM-170P / FCM-170H

Preload Barrel Cam Type Rotary Table(0.001 degree)
FCM-170P / FCM-170H
Vertical Use
  • Preloaded barrel cam mechanism, backlash approaches zero.
  • Rolling friction transmission extend operation life.
  • The transmission element is made of steel, which is more rigid than copper and stronger eccentric load.
  • Double action pneumatic or hydraulic brake mechanism to ensure fully unclamp.
  • Standard pressure switch reduces maintenance opportunities.
  • Solenoid valve and pressure switch are installed outside to avoid moisture inside the rotary table to damage electrical components.
  • Directly equipped with the absolute motor, no need to Zero return when starting up.
Specification FCM-170P FCM-170H
Use Method Vertical
Clamp Method Pneumatic 5kg/cm2 Hydraulic 35kg/cm2
Faceplate Dimension Ø170mm
Spindle through hole Ø45mm
Faceplate centre hole Ø50mmH7
Centre Height 135mm
Faceplate T-slot width 12mmH7
Position key 14mmh7
servo motor
FANUC α4i/β8i Straight shaft
Yaskawa SGM7G-09
Siemens 1FK-7060-****-1RG1 
Reduction ratio 1/36
Min. Increment Unit 0.001°
Indexing Accuracy ±20(Arc.Sec.)
Repeat Accuracy 10(Arc.Sec.)
Clamp Force 26kgf-m 100kgf-m
* Maximum RPM (3 sec) 83rpm@ motor 3000rpm
* Max. Workpiece of Capacity
(within faceplate diameter)
Vertical only 50kg
(with tailstock)
* Cam torque Continuous 146Nm@10rpm
Maximum 307Nm
Net weight without motor but with faceplate 65kg

Note:* above table is the data within the diameter of faceplate, if it exceeds the faceplate, the same maximum inertia value must be calculated as the limit.

Balanced Load No Tailstock W:50kg
L: 250mm
using Faceplate Tailstock W:100kg
L: 600mm
using manual Tailstock W:80kg
L: 700mm
Eccentric Load using Tailstock Eccentric Load= l x W

Note:The maximum load value is only one of the three conditions (weight W, rotation diameter D, length L) can be satisfied.

◆ Customers or machines need to prepare :
  1. The hydraulic unit at least one circuit (DC24V/2B2 solenoid valve).
  2. The machine must has the fourth axis function, absolute motor and amplifier.
  3. Conduit Cable (Length depends on machine condition)
  4. Two oil pipes. (Length depends on machine condition)
◆ Standard accessories:
  1. Pressure switch, 5m cable.
  2. Three bolt sets and T-blocks. (match with position key 14mm; T-slot pitch 100 and 125mm)
FCM-170 total width(A) Total thickness(B) Total height(C) Centre height(D) Spindle through hole(K) Spindle OD(H) Spindle length(L) Screw Pitch, Slot Width(E)
No faceplate 564 189 302 135 Ø45 Ø100 188 middle , 14