NC Tilting Rotary Table (0.001°)
TTD-255HB CNC Tilting Rotary Table
TTD-255HB CNC Tilting Rotary Table
TTD-255HB CNC Tilting Rotary Table
TTD-255HB CNC Tilting Rotary Table
NC Tilting Rotary Type (Large Spindle Pore)

TTD-255HB tilting rotary table is it combines the rotational motion with the tilt function to be machined on multiple sides of the workpiece and perform complex machining operations without repositioning or resetting, reducing setup time and increasing efficiency and minimizing handling errors in the overall machining process.

This tilting rotary table has compatibility and can be connected with a CNC machine as a  5th Axis or 4+1 Axis to perform tilting angel machining (4+1 Axis).

TTD-255HB tilting rotary tables offer flexibility that is not possible with standard rotary tables or fixed setups, so they are often used for prototyping and small-scale production, and high-volume manufacturing of precision parts in the aerospace, automotive, medical, and mold industries.

Clamp Method Hydraulic 35kg/cm2
Tilt range ± 110 °
Faceplate Dimension Ø255mm
Spindle outer dia. No
Table height at 0° position 357mm
Center height at 90° position 220mm
Center bore • Nose dia: Ø80H7x30Lmm
•Thru dia: Ø80mm
Faceplate T-Slot Width 12h7mm
Position Key 18h7mm
Servo Motor
(Rotary axis)
•FANUC α8i / β12i
Servo Motor
(Tilting axis)
• FANUC α8i / β12i
  Rotary axis Tilting axis
Total Speed Reduction Ratio 1/120 1/180
Max. Table rotation speed
(r.p.m..motor 3,000r.p.m.)
25r.p.m 16.7r.p.m
Clamp torque 588N.m(60kgf-m) 686N.m(70kgf-m)
Indexing accuracy (cumulative) 15 (Arc. Sec.) 45 (Arc. Sec.)
Repeatability 4 (Arc. Sec.)
Net Weight (Without motor) 300kg
Allowable wheel torque Rotary
Allowable work weight   470N.m
Allowable work moment 0° : 120kg
0-90° : 70kg
Allowable load when table clamped F: 1170N.m
FxL: 470N.m
FxL: 470N.m
Allowable work inertia
: 0.7kgf-m2