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Types of 4th/5 Axis Rotary Table

TOPSDISK produces a 4th-axis rotary table and a 5-axis rotary table ( commonly known as dual-axis NC rotary table ). Our rotary table types can be classified as follows according to the installation method, transmission method, clamp method, and size.

Vertical Rotary Table

The vertically installed upright rotary table can rotate on the horizontal plane and lift in the vertical direction. This design allows the workpiece to maintain a stable horizontal position during machining while allowing the operator to make height adjustments to the workpiece for more flexible and efficient machining.

Horizontal Rotary Table

The design of the horizontal 4/5 axis rotary table enables it to rotate on a horizontal plane, which makes it easy to position the workpiece at different angles and positions during processing and is suitable for installation that requires a multi-angle or multi-face processing machine.

Direct Drive Rotary Table

Direct drive technology is used in the rotary system, eliminating the need for reducers, gearboxes, pulleys and other connecting mechanisms, so that it can achieve faster acceleration and deceleration, thereby shortening the production cycle and effectively reducing transmission error, providing higher motion stability and processing accuracy, suitable for precision machining and high-precision positioning applications; the non-transmission structure also effectively eliminates the noise and vibration generated by gear meshing, providing a quiet working environment. However, the direct drive rotary table is expensive to manufacture.

Worm Gear Rotary Table

It is a common 4-axis, 5-axis rotary table that drives rotary motion through a mechanism composed of a worm wheel and a worm shaft. The worm gear rotary table can withstand high torque input so that it can handle heavy loads during machining; the self-locking feature also prevents the table from turning, ensuring a stable machining position. However, there may be a certain transmission gap during operation, making its machining accuracy and speed inferior to that of the direct drive rotary table.

Pneumatic Rotary Table

Compressed air is used as the power source, no additional power supply is required, which reduces the cost of use and increases work safety. The pneumatic drive system can start and stop quickly, so that the pneumatic rotary table can achieve high-speed movement, thereby shortening the production cycle and improving production efficiency. However, it is poor in carrying capacity and is more suitable for processing small workpieces.

Hydraulic Rotary Table

The hydraulic drive system can withstand large loads and weights and is especially suitable for processing large workpieces that require high load capacity. The rotation speed and direction can be adjusted through hydraulic control to adapt to different processing needs. However, the design and control of a hydraulic rotary table is more complicated than that of a pneumatic rotary table, requiring more technical support and operational skills.

Available in 5/7/8/10/13/16/20/25/31/39-inch rotary tables depending on plate size.

In addition to the above types of rotary tables, we also offer CNC rotary tables, please write to inquire according to your cost and processing requirements!