Quality Policy

As the proverb goes, ' A workman must sharpen his tools if he wants to do his work well.

We great importance the quality of shipments, want to give the user a higher quality product. So invest heavily to constructed Precision Measurement Laboratory and the measurement of environmental control under the National Laboratory standards of thermostat 20° and humidity 45%.

  • Main inspection equipment:
    1. Using the most advanced high-precision German Wenzel of Coordinate Measuring Machine - LH 87.
      Maximum error value of measurement:1.8 μm + ( L/350mm ) μm
    2. German Mahr Digimar 817 CLM Height Measuring Instrument.
      Maximum error value of precision: 1.8 μm + (L / 600mm) μm
    3. Swiss TESA Micro-Hite 600 height measuring instrument.
      Maximum error value of precision: 2+3L μm; Verticality: 9 μm
    4. Japanese Mitutoyo LH-600 height measuring instrument.
      Maximum error value of precision: 1.1 μm + ( 0.6L/600mm ) μm; Verticality: 5 μm
    5. British Renishaw XL-80 laser measurement system.
      System accuracy: 0.5 ppm (Parts per million)
  • Three quality management's insistence and commitment:
    • Insistence of procurement of raw materials, parts, and commercially available products:
      1. Request outsourcing vendors must pay attention on the size and relative position, and are required to do inspection with Coordinate Measuring Machine, and enclose inspection report with purchase.
      2. When each purchase, the parts need to do a comprehensive secondary inspection with a complete inspection SOP and records to ensure achieve the best accuracy after that these parts are assembled.
    • Insisted of the assembly process:
      1. Each production line are required to have a senior cadre to lead team members and co-assembly NC rotary table.
      2. After assembled, senior cadre must be responsible for quality control and inspection and fill in the inspection sheet.
    • Insisted of packing before shipment:
      1. Inspecting and testing machine again, according the functions and the demands of the components before packing.
      2. After the final inspection is complete, must fill in a full inspection machine record sheet for future queries.