Practical Type NC Rotary Table (0.001° )


Practical Type Series

TE-255H Practical Type Series NC Rotary Table (0.001° )

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  • The feature of wear resistant alloy Dual-Lead Worm Gear.
  • Easy adjusted on the backlash.
  • The faceplate can separate with the table to save the space.
  • It can be connected with CNC machine as a 4th Axis or matched with Single Axis Controller as an additional Axis.
  • Minimum increment unit : 0.001°.
Specifications TE-255H
Use Method Vertical / Horizontal Use
Clamp Method Hydraulic 25kg/cm2
Faceplate Dimension Ø255mm
Spindle Through Hole Diameter Ø45mm
Faceplate Centre Hole Diameter Ø80H7mm
Centre Height 160mm
Faceplate T-Slot Width 12H7mm
Position Key 18h7mm
Servo Motor • FANUC α4i / β8i
Total Speed Reduction Ratio 1/90
Min. Increment Unit 0.001°
Indexing Accuracy 20 (Arc. Sec.)
Repeatability 4 (Arc. Sec.)
Clamp Force 350kgf/m
Max. Torque Capacity of Worm Gear 48kgf/m
Max. Workpiece of Capacity • Workpiece Vertical
(With Tailstock )
• Horizontal 250KGS
Net Weight (Without motor) 83KGS
The outline of dimension
TE-255H Servomotor
cover type
A B1 B2C1 C2 D E1 E2 F G1 G2
Vertical / Horizontal Use 552 414 128 295 295 160 172 151 Ø255 M18 7
Unit: mm
Spindle Dimension
Faceplate A B C D
Yes Ø80 X 30L 171 Ø45 X 12L 4-M6X 12L,Ø55
Unit: mm
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