NC Rotary Table (0.001° )


Standard Series

TDH-800 Standard Series NC Rotary Table (0.001° )
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  • Adopted patented disk hydraulic clamping system . It can assure heavy and steady cutting without any deviation from the centre.
  • The feature of wear resistant alloy Dual-Lead Worm Gear is high mechanical e-ciency of power transmission, high indexing accuracy, and easy adjusted on the backlash.
  • Driven by the servo Motor. E-ciently in position, high accuracy, Low noise and suitable for any angles working piece.
  • It can be added with air booster or hydraulic unit.
  • It can be connected with CNC machine as a 4th Axis or matched with Single Axis Controller as an additional Axis.
Specifications TDH-800
Use Method Horizontal Special-Purpose
Clamp Method Hydraulic 35Kg/cm2
Faceplate Dimension Ø800mm
Spindle Through Hole Diameter NO
Faceplate Centre Hole Diameter Ø400mm
Faceplate T-Slot Width 18H7mm
Position Key 18h7mm
Servo Motor • FANUC α12/α12i/α22i
Total Speed Reduction Ratio 1/180
Min. Increment Unit 0.001°
Indexing Accuracy 20 (Arc. Sec.)
Repeatability 4 (Arc. Sec.)
Clamp Force 700kgf/m
Max. Torque Capacity of Worm Gear 450kgf/m
Max. Workpiece of Capacity • Horizontal 1500KGS
Net Weight (Without motor) 950KGS
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