Faceplate Tailstock


FT-310H Faceplate Tailstock

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  • Pneumatic Clamping: adopt complete disc-clamping system to enhance clamping force and to ensure continuous heavy-duty cutting
  • Hydraulic Clamping: adopt complete encircle hydraulic clamping system.
  • Able to be matched with TD, CV3,NC3 series.
  • If tailstock match with NC3, CV3 series, please select have delay valve(D)one.
Specifications FT-310H
Clamp Method Hydraulic 35kg/cm2
Faceplate Dimension Ø500mm
Spindle Through Hole Diameter Ø141mm
Centre Height 310mm
Clamp Force 250kgf/m
Net Weight (Without motor) 250kgs
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