Programmable Controller - HIC-2010 - Hydraulic Index Table use

HIC-2010 Hydraulic Index Table Controller

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  • Connection
  • Dimension
  • Can be connected with CNC Machine through M-Codes.
  • Can be directly start signal through external controller or another supplementary switch.
  • Setting a multiple of minimum indexing degree, CW and CCW rotate.
  • Can be matched with CH3、CV3 and Hydraulic Index Table series .
  • With power failure memory function, enabling resumption of processing in case of incident (breaking) or of work of the previous day.
  • Adopt the latest touch screen, that can displays the most complete information, and easy to operate.
  • CNC machine send a M-code. (Example: M80)
  • Start the HIC-2010 and make index table rotate.
  • Execute finish, HIC-2010 send a finish signal to CNC machine.
  • CNC machine continue to execute next step CNC program.
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