Programmable Controller - Easy 2013


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  • Can be connected with CNC Machine through M-Codes.
  • Can be directly start signal through external controller or another supplementary switch.
  • Built-in clamp system, do not need extra input command.
  • Adopt AC servo motor that with high stability and anti-signal interference.
  • High precision, high torque and high speed.
  • Contains handwheel (MPG), to facilitate correcting the workpiece.
  • Exclusive angle's transmission function, can connect directly with CNC machines, unnecessary to learn programming input.
Applicable Models
Model/Label Rotary axis Tilting axis Dual-axis
TDE-125 / TE-125A EZ13-Y7J400    
TD-170 / TD-170L / TE-170 EZ13-Y7G900    
TD-200 / TE-200 EZ13-Y7G900    
TD-255 / TD-255L / TDE-255 EZ13-Y7G1300    
TD-320 / TD-400 EZ13-Y7G2000    
TD-500 EZ13-Y7G3000    
TTD-125 EZ13-Y7J400 EZ13-Y7G900 EZ13-Y7J400-Y7G900
TTD-255 EZ13-Y7G900 EZ31-Y7G1300 EZ13-Y7G900-Y7G1300
  • CNC machine send a M-code. (Example: M80)
  • Start the Easy 2013 and make rotary table rotate.
  • Execute finish, Easy 2013 send a finish signal to CNC machine.
  • CNC machine continue to execute next step CNC program.
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